Hey guys. I’m back after a whole year.

There has been a lot going on and I’m very excited to tell you what I’ve been doing!

So where do I begin? 

Growing up I was never interested in fashion to be quiet honest. I loved and lived for music. I started singing at the age of 3 and seriously thought I would one day make an honest living by singing. I had difficulties in concentrating in school where I felt so different from other people. I found peace in music. 

Later on I started to work in retail where I got to know more about fashion. I learned a lot throughout the years as a sales advisor for international brands and as a fashion assistant for a danish magazine. I realized what I wanted in life – to be able to  create powerful, creative and beautiful designs. I began searching for opportunities and took a stylist education. I learned a lot about colors, shapes and different clothing techniques. 

When I was working as a fashion assistant intern I realized how tough the industry is. You have to work your ass off even though you don’t get paid or appreciated. For my experierence the fun part of being a fashion intern is when you’re assisting the stylist for a photoshoot – and that’s pretty much it. The backside of being an intern is when you constantly have to suck up to your boss and the “right” people 24/7. I truly respect people that can go through the hardships working as fashion intern! 

What I also learned as fashion assistant is how I should treat other people. The way some of the high position stylists or directors talk and treat you is truly incomprehensible. I’m honestly so thankful for my parents. They taught me to have love, respect and kindness for other people. If my mom saw me talking and treat another person like the way some people from the fashion industry treat fashion assistants, she would send my ass back to Vietnam (even though I was born here lol). When I quit the position I felt many people were laughing and looking down on me because I couldn’t “hang in there”. However I am proud of myself. Standing up for yourself and say no to rudeness is never embarassing. I didn’t feel it was a failure. I feel I came out stronger knowing myself better and knowing my own limits. Furthermore I saw it as a opportunity for me to create something on my own.

Today I can call myself CEO of my own brand. My partner and I launched our own sunglasses brand GANJI this year. I couldn’t be more grateful!  I guess dreams do come true! : )


So now the first question is.. why sunglasses? Probably the most asked question.

I personally think Denmark or mostly Scandinavia is missing unique designs when it comes to sunglasses. The Scandinavian audience is more fond of the minimalistic design, but I wanted more colors and shapes. High quality sunglasses cost a few bucks and I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to buy high quality designs for affordable prices.

I’ve always been obsessed with sunglasses! I mean who isn’t? I personally think sunglasses are the ultimate accessory. Sunglasses are such a big statement piece and is an item I always carry around. For the past few years the Asian fashion trends, especially Korean fashion has slowly made its appearance in the western trends. No joke.. The Koreans don’t play when it comes to putting an outfit together. And that’s actually how we came up with the name GANJI which also means:“Korean slang meaning “a feeling of hip, fresh and stylish” which is used among young people. Anyone and anything can have GANJI!”. 

We actually never had high expectations when launching GANJI. I just wanted to share my vision with the world. After launching I was somehow frozen for the next two weeks.. I couldn’t believe that I actually launched my own brand. As as little girl growing up I dreamt of many things, but now as woman I can finally realize my dream.


 Stay tuned for my next post!