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After discovering Positano through instagram, my boyfriend and I decided to visit this popular place. We were in Positano for only 5 days and ended our trip in Naples. Those 5 days were so magical I can’t even explain. It almost felt like we were on our honeymoon because everything was so romantic. Even though we only were in Positano for 5 days we got to experience a lot. We were recommended to visit Capri Island (which we did, it was gorgeous!), saw fireworks in the middle of the night from our balcony, saw the colorful houses, woke up at 6 o clock and went to the beach, ate a lot of seafood, learned a little Italian, met the kindest people, tried limoncello (popular liqueur in Italy) and much more.

I’ll definitely come back to Positano! We created so many beautiful memories at this place. 

IMG_7548 positano positano

We booked our stay at Positano BB – ‘Villa Palumbo’. The reception were kind and helpful, the breakfast was good, the view from the balcony is breathtaking, the beach is a 10-minute walk away and the prices were reasonable.

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