First of all I think Vietnam is an amazing country with authentic and tasty food, cool-and of course craaazy streets, crazy nightlife, but somehow that is all I can think about. Vietnam is not a country you think of when it comes to fashion. I found out that Vietnam actually has a lot to offer when it comes to fashion. Unfortunately there isn’t enough attention for the upcoming brands. Here is my guide to where to shop in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)…

Where to shop in Ho Chi Minh City

There are two locations in Ho Chi Minh City where you can shop cool hip fashion brands. The first building is located at 42, Ton That Thiep st., District 1 and the other building is located at 26, Ly Tu Trong st., District 1. You can easily take a taxi (only take Vinasun or Mai Linh taxi!) or you can also walk if you want to discover the streets of Ho Chi Minh City closely.

Let’s get started with the stores located in Ton That Thiep building!

The first brand I want to introduce is Lider Closet. They have a small collection of clothes but it’s very chic, fun and minimalistic. It’s an unisex fashion brand, but in my opinion it’s leaning more towards the masculine style.  The prices are between 350.000-800.000 dong which is reasonable. Well.. let’s put it another way. Compared to the Danish price it is cheap for me, but compared to the Vietnamese price it is kind of expensive. Another thing that I was really impressed about is the interior decoration. It has a european-minimalistic style to it, which makes it instagram-friendly! ; – )



Where to shop in Ho Chi Minh City


Isn’t he handsome? ; ))


Room 22, 1st Floor, 42 Ton That Thiep st., Dist.1, HCM


The next brand is BLMDE. I have one word for it! BADASS! This brand is honestly one of the coolest street-style brand I’ve ever seen. The tomboy inside of me screamed when I saw their collection. They have denim jackets, body stockings, bomber jackets, cool print t-shirts. They also have a hip kids section too. BLMDE suits my personal style perfectly. It’s very minimalistic, but it has a cool street twist to it. The prices are in between 300.000-700.000 dong.




Room 38, 2nd Floor, 42 Ton That Thiep st., Dist.1, HCM


Highcut is a feminine brand with different vintage/street styles. I bought a loose back-croptop for 200.000 dong (60dkk /8 dollars) and I haven’t worn anything else since. It is so comfortable and compared to the price the material is really impressive. The price range are in between 200.000-600.000 dong. 


1st Floor, 42 Ton That Thiep st., Dist.1, HCM

  • LIBÉ Workshop

LIBÉ has a lot to offer with their basic collection. Their prices are reasonable and the quality is good aswell. Unfortunately I didn’t buy anything since the sizes are to small for me. Even though it says ‘M’ it’s more a S or even XS – which is pretty much a bummer! The price range is from 100.000-500.000 dong. 


 1st Floor, 26 Ly Tu Trong st., Dist.1, HCM


If you’re looking for beautiful designs whether it’s accessories, clothing or jewelry I would recommend Floralpunk. They have now a larger collection and I had the opportunity to stop by the opening of Floralpunk’s new location in Saigon this summer. They welcomed everyone with churros and bubbletea and everyone was very friendly. The price range in my opinion is a little more expensive than other Vietnamese brands – it’s almost the same as the western price. It’s from 300.000-1.000.000 dong.

Where to shop in Ho Chi Minh City



2ndFloor, Room 210, 40E Ngo Duc Ke st. Phuong Ben Nghe, Dist.1, HCM

This was my guide to ‘Where to shop in Ho Chi Minh City’. I hope you find my guide helpful. Please leave me comment below for further infomation :))